In the beginning...

Today we think nothing of travelling to a new country, just jump on a plane and you can go anywhere in the world in only a few hours. But imagine if you lived thousands of years ago, and the only way to travel was a double hulled waka.


So now you know the incredible story of how Polynesians explored the Pacific. But do you think your parents have heard it? Or your grandparents?

Kia ora, my name is Ian Taylor.

Recently I turned 70 and I'm now a grandad. A couple of years ago I was talking to my friend, Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith from the University of Otago. She told me the story of how people first crossed the Pacific.

Hidden History

My ancestors were part of the greatest human adventure story of all time - and I'd never heard it before! I don't want my grandchildren only hearing the story when they turn 70, so I made them this message...


When great explorers like Maui and Kupe set sail across the Pacific, they didn't discover land by accident. So how did they know Aotearoa lay over the horizon? To find out - take a look at Part 2 - How Did Kupe Know?

Things To Do

For all kinds of fun activities about our Nation Born of Sailors - take a look at Part 1 - Things To Do.

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Land of Voyagers