Moon Shot!

Eight hundred years ago, crossing the world's largest ocean was about as challenging as us putting a man on the moon today!

Follow The Birds

Of all the birds that migrate, kuaka, the bar-tailed godwit, is the world champion. It holds the record for the longest non-stop migration of any animal on the planet. Scientists have recently tracked a kuaka flying for 11 days without a break, covering 12,000km and hitting speeds of more than 80km/h.

So when our ancestors first set sail across the Pacific it's no wonder they looked to the sky for inspiration.

godwit migration image


So were the great Polynesian navigators just really good bird watchers? To find out the other methods they used to steer across the Pacific, check out Part 3 - How Did They Find Their Way?.

Things To Do

For more fun activities about the finest feathered navigators - take a look at Part 2 - Things To Do.

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Land of Voyagers