Island Race

Invent a board game that involves racing from island to island across the Pacific. What items would players need to collect to survive the long sea voyages? What dangers do they encounter that send them back to the start?

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Design A Boat Buddy

Invent an animal to keep you company on a long waka voyage. What would it look like? Where would it sleep? What would it eat? Would it fly, walk or swim? How would it be useful for your voyage?

Packing For Sea

If you were travelling to a new land - what would you bring for a journey? Remember - you could be at sea for weeks and weeks. If you are bringing animals - they need to eat and drink too! Spend some time coming up with a list of your own, and then get together as a group. Will you be able to fit everything on the waka?

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Map Your Origins

Using lengths of rope or chalk, outline a rough map of the world on the floor, with Aotearoa in the middle of the map. Stand on the place you were born, then discuss with others, pointing out one way their birthplaces are the same, and one way that they are different.

Vikings vs Polynesians

For centuries, Viking seafarers ruled the North Atlantic, braving oceans peppered with icebergs to travel thousands of kilometres to their colonies in Iceland and Greenland. Make a poster, or build a model of the boats to illustrate in what ways the Viking's longship was different to the Polynesian double hulled canoe. What boat would you rather sail in, and why?

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Land of Voyagers