Today, 80% of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels. The problem is, every stage of mining and using these fuels contributes to climate change. But we can make clean energy, we have the technology! Discover how innovative kiwi designers are harnessing the power of nature, and transforming yacht racing forever.

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Blown Away

What have a 65-year-old convertible car and the America's Cup yacht Te Rehutai got in common? Take a look at this to find out!

NoeNoe Fan

Wind has long served as a power source for humans. It was the energy that brought the first people to Aotearoa, filling the sails of mighty waka hourua as they powered across the Pacific Ocean.

High Tech Travel

Join Noenoe as she discovers why a waka hourua is so efficient at harnessing the power of the wind.

Sail of the Century


Today boat builders have access to very different materials to build their sails. What was used to construct Te Rā, and how does it differ to the materials in the wing of Te Rehutai?

Nanogirl Takes Flight

Super-scientist Nanogirl takes a closer look at how wings work and the Bernoulli Principle. Nanogirl will need to hold on tight for this one!


Do you want to discover more about the superpower of flight? Then be sure to visit the Nanogirl website

Things To Do

For more activities about harnessing the wind, check out Part 4 - Things To Do.

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KIWI CAN FLY - The America's Cup