Land Sailer

Wind Power Racers

Land sailing is a fun sport where you race on a wheeled yacht powered by wind. "Blokarts" can reach speeds of 55 knots! That's about as fast as Te Rehutai on the water!

Nanogirl Grand Prix

Nanogirl harnesses the forces of nature to help you build your totally sustainable wind powered racing car!


Do you want to find more fun ways to harness the power of the wind? Then be sure to visit the Nanogirl website

Super Sails

Check out the stats below and work out the efficiency of each vessel at harnessing the power of the wind. Why was HMS Endeavour so much slower - despite having so much sail? And why is Te Rehutai so much faster than a waka hourua?

Download the Sail Area Table PDF

Sail Area Table

Tornado In A Jar

When it comes to wind - it doesn't get more extreme than a tornado. This rotating column of air is formed beneath a large thunderstorm system and is one of the most violent of all atmospheric storms.

To make your own tornado in a jar, all you need is a glass jar and some detergent. Fill the jar with water, leaving about a 2cm space at the top.

Add about 1 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and one or two drops of food colouring. Screw the lid back on securely and shake to mix the liquids. Swirl the jar in a circular motion as fast as you can until tornadoes form.

If you're having trouble with too many bubbles, try adding 1 teaspoon of vinegar and using a spoon to scoop out the bubbles on the top.

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