For 170 years the America's Cup has attracted big countries with big budgets.

That's because in the past, the more money you spent on technology, the better your chances of winning the race. But then along came Team New Zealand. They didn’t have big money, just big ideas; and their innovations revolutionised racing.

Learning to Fly

Innovative ideas don't get much bigger than building a 6-tonne flying waka hourua. After all, for 160 years everyone knew that America's Cup yachts sailed on the water - not above it. And then along came Team New Zealand...

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Design DNA

Check out all the ways Team New Zealand has followed in the footsteps of their ancestors, and in the process changed the history of The America's Cup.


Where does innovation come from? Can older people use their experience and wisdom to open the way to better ideas? Or do younger minds, free of prejudice and past assumptions, come up with game-changing innovations? Find out in Part 3 - Powered By Youth.

Things To Do

Looking for fun activities about Innovation? Take a look at Part 2 - Things To Do.

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KIWI CAN FLY - The America's Cup