The World is Our Waka

Another meaning of he waka eke noa is "we're all in this together", and the "we" means more than just us humans. All living creatures join us on this waka.

Just as Aotearoa is our island in the Pacific, our Earth is a big blue waka floating in space. How can we look after all the passengers on this mighty waka?

A Message of Hope

One little school with a big heart, Broad Bay School on Otago Peninsula, is looking after Papatūānuku by actively monitoring, protecting and replanting the local environment.


During Lockdown, remember how all the shops were closed? The only thing we used money for was to buy food. But what happened when the shops re-opened? How many things did you buy that were made from plastic? Did you really need them? And how much of that plastic ends up in our oceans?

Sentinel of the Ocean

Two of the world's best sailors, Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, have spent much of lives on the water. Now they’re champions for the incredible Antipodean albatross and the dangers it faces at sea.

For more information about the Antipodean albatross and Peter and Blair's fight for a healthy ocean, visit their website,


Have you heard people say that we are at war with Covid? That we're fighting Mother Nature? Noe discovers we need to be working with Papatūānuku - not fighting her. After all, the solution to many of our problems are found within the natural world.


Looking for a tune about protecting our planet? Then try 'Kaitiaki' by Sándor Toth.

Download the 'Kaitiaki' lyrics and chords PDF

'Kaitiaki' Karaoke Singalong Video

Papatūānuku Breathes