In March 2020 our world shut down. But in the silence, we could hear Papatūānuku breathing, and then she helped us do things we never thought possible. Papatūānuku sent us a message. Are we ready to listen?

He Waka Eke Noa

Can you remember how your life changed in Lockdown? Could you hear Papatūānuku breathing?


What are the things you remember most about Lockdown? Was it hearing all the bird song? Was it walking down the car-less streets and saying hello to neighbours you'd never really met before? How many of the things you enjoyed during Lockdown are you still doing today?

The Waka is My Island

Our lives during Lockdown were very similar to life on a waka hourua. In fact one of the meanings of he waka eke noa is: "a waka we are all in together". Join Noenoe and Tepoe Tahiata on a tour of the waka hourua Fa’afaite.


In "The Waka is My Island" Noenoe discovered that life on a waka is an example of how we can live together on the planet. Find out more in Part 2 - The World is Our Waka

Papatūānuku Breathes