Our mission is to help tamariki learn from the past to navigate the future. Innovation is in our DNA, and with our engaging videos and fun activities, we prove that science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is not something to be afraid of. It's part of a much bigger world view - mātauranga.

Land of Voyagers

Join us on a voyage of discovery about the technology and innovation that brought people to Aotearoa. Polynesian navigators on mighty waka crossed the Pacific Ocean, guided only by their kinship to the natural world. Armed with their ancestral knowledge and a larger vision of science - mātauranga - they created our land of voyagers.

These extraordinary engineers, scientists, and mathematicians created the paving stones upon which we stand today.

careful kiwi image

Kiwi Can Fly

Following in the footsteps of Kupe and Maui, a new generation of innovators are changing the world, designing everything from futuristic waka flying over the waters of Barcelona in 2024, to state-of-the-art rockets heading back to the stars that guided our ancestors.

"There were a lot of times that my son came home and he was really excited to talk to me about the godwits and how the Māori came to New Zealand, and I was learning a lot myself as well, which was really cool."

Rosalind Manowitz, Mum

"What a relief to finally have an excellent starting point to express Māori history. Teachers need this."

Paul Hodgkinson, Head of Intermediate, Rosmini College

"I personally believe mātauranga.co.nz is the next big tool teachers can use to ignite learning and inspire children to go beyond the classroom and innovate in their world, because they know they are the descendants of greatness."

Zac Ford, Deputy Principal, Balaclava School

"The feedback that we have received... has been phenomenal, and I have had many people tell me that they are sharing the resource to whomever they can find - including me who showed it to my family on the weekend!"

Neil Robinson, Principal, Blockhouse Bay Primary School

"We used the Mātauranga website as a launchpad and our whole project was based on that fantastic resource... we have definitely learnt a lot about our own Aotearoa, New Zealand history, and as we go forward with the new curriculum, it’s been perfect timing for us to upskill on this fascinating topic."

Ewan Todd, Deputy Principal, Māori Hill School

"(mātauranga.co.nz) was fun, it was engaging - all those really neat things that can capture the children’s attention and learning. It had strong Māori female role models, it was evidence-based with up-to-date research. That's why we used it and loved it."

Beth Downie, Deputy Principal, Kaikorai Primary School

Ake Mai - Jump Aboard